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Herr House Shirts (Adults) $14.99


Lancaster Longhouse Shirts (Adults) $14.99


Children $10.99


Hans Herr House and Lancaster Longhouse Grocery Tote Bag
With a print on each side, use this flat bottom grocery tote for all your shopping needs. Choose from four colors. 
16 x 12 x 8 inches


Hans Herr House or Lancaster Longhouse Cinch Sack

Carry your stuff in style with this bag of 100% polypropylene with black drawcord and bottom grommets.

16.5″h x 14.5″w 


Hand-Dipped Candles

A pair of nine-inch bayberry or winterberry taper candles, handmade at the 1719 Hans Herr House. A steal at $1.18.


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Blacksmith Key Chain

Two-inch solid iron keychain, forged in the 1719 Hans Herr House blacksmith shop. Sign up for a blacksmithing class and learn to make your own.


Blacksmith Wall Hook

Five-inch decorative hook, hand-forged in the 1719 Hans Herr House blacksmith shop, ideal for any kitchen, hearth, coatroom or bedroom door. Available in two styles. Sign up for a blacksmithing class and learn to make your own.


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Handmade Soap

A dozen varieties of excellent soaps made right here in Lancaster County. Bars are 4 ounces—2 x 3 inches. Coconut, soy and ethically harvested palm and olive oils are used as the base for all varieties. With the exception of the Goats Milk, all soaps are vegan friendly. Double Mint and Happy Wanderer contain only essential oils.

Happy Wanderer is made with jewelweed and plantain which are historically used for poison ivy and mosquito bites. Mystique has an exotic incense-like fragrance. Rain Forest has a floral note from champaca and is said to “turn your shower into a waterfall in a tropical jungle.” Seize the Day contains mint and powdered rosemary as a mild exfoliant.


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Large Woven Basket


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Goose Quill Pen

Try your hand at writing with an ink well and a hollow goose quill, or settle for the convenience and flair of a quill with a ball-point tip.


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Reproduction 1773 Virginia Halfpenny

The Virginia Halfpenny was the first coin produced by the Virginia colony, but it was  minted in London. It was the only copper coin minted in England exclusively for distribution in the American colonies. About 670,000 of the coins were transported to New York on the ship Virginia in 1774. Soon after the initial disbursement began in 1775, the Revolutionary war broke out. Consequently Virginians hoarded the new halfpenny, along with all other copper coins, until the end of the war. Although the coin contained the portrait of the king of England, they were used in Revolutionary and post-war Virginia; out of fifty-nine coins found during the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg, forty were Virginia halfpence.


Herr House roadside sign magnet

This magnet is a clever recreation of the distinctive blue Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission marker that stands on Beaver Valley Pike, just off of Hans Herr Drive. It reads: “Three quarters of a mile south on the side road is the stone house built in 1719 by Christian Herr, son of Hans Herr, founder in 1710 of the first Mennonite community in this area. It is the oldest building this far west in Pennsylvania.”


Hans Herr House wooden miniature
crafted by a local Mennonite couple


Hans Herr House coffee mug

Yes, it is also suitable for tea, hot chocolate and other delicious beverages.

$8.00 only blue mugs are available.

Arrowheads would have been used in hunting small game such as birds and rabbits. Clearly marked as a reproduction.


Herr House imprinted pen

Herr House imprinted pencil

Herr House keychain