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Historical Architecture of Pennsylvania
by Scott D. Butcher

Explore nearly 300 years and 36 styles of American architecture through historic Pennsylvania buildings from Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and York counties.


A Bit of Heaven on the Conestoga
by Lois Martin Zook


A Clash of Cultures
Native Americans and Colonialism in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
by Darvin L. Martin

Sites and descriptions of 5 cultures; Nanticoke, Piscataway, Conoy, Shawnee, Shenks Ferry, and Susquehannock.


The Cost of the Crown: An Anabaptist Martyr Story
Claudia Esh

The dark, bloody battle of the sixteenth-century Reformation rages in the hearts of young Margriete and her closest friend, Grietje. Go with them as they decide if they are willing to pay the cost of the crown.


Genealogical Record of Reverend Hans Herr and His Direct Lineal Descendants
by Theodore W. Herr

Third edition with corrections and supplemental data by Dr. Phillip E. Bedient. Major surnames: Bachman, Barr, Bowman, Brackbill, Breneman, Carpenter, Eckman, Forney, Forrer, Frantz, Frick, Funk, Groff, Grove, Harnish, Hershey, Hess, Hoover, Hostetter, Kauffman, Kendig, Kreider, Landis, Lefever, Long, Martin, Metzler, Miller, Musselman, Musser, Myers, Neff, Rohrer, Rutter, Shaub, Shenk, Snavely, Strite, Summy, Weaver, Wenger, Wilson, Witmer. Hardcover.



Index to the Genealogical Record of Reverend Hans Herr
indexed and published by Olde Springfield Shoppe, Elverson, Pennsylvania


Hidden Riches: A Journey of Faith to a New Land
by Romaine Stauffer

Novel about 18th-century Mennonite immigrant Christian Burkholder and his family. Paperback.


Joanna's Journey
by Rebecca Martin

Mother clasped Joanna's hand and whispered in an awed sort of way, "We're off. We're on our way to Ohio!" The horses picked up speed, eager to follow the other teams. The big wagon swayed . . . A journey from Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to Firfield County, Ohio, would take a matter of hours today. But for Joanna Huber and her family, moving to the western frontier in 1830, this would be a long trip full of danger and adventure. Indians...bears...river pirates, there's lot's of excitement in store! And along the way, ten-year-old Joanna learns about the journey of faith, where God's love is the guiding light as we travel through life.


Life in a Longhouse Village
by Bobbie Kalman

The people who lived in the northeastern woodlands belonged to many nations and spoke many languages including Iroquoian and Algonkian. Life in a Longhouse Village was a way of life all of the nations shared. Children will learn about the fascinating lifestyle of these hunters and farmers and discover what life was like in a longhouse clan. Paperback.


Little Bear Builds a Wigwam
by Sherman Stoltzfus
illustrated by Edie Zimmerman and Audrey Kanagy

The story describes what life may have been like for a Nanticoke family living in Delaware about 1492 A.D. over the course of one year. Hardcover.


The Master's Trade
by Rebecca Martin

With high hopes John Rittenhouses' parents join the surge of Mennonites into the American frontier. The Master Craftsman carves out young John's faith and character in this budding wilderness where medical help is scarce and hard work and danger are plentiful.


Christian's Choice: A Day on the Hans Herr Farm
by Lynette Leaman Brenneman
Beautiful photos and interesting text set at the 1719 Hans Herr House. Eighteenth-century Christian finds something that will make his work easier. Should he keep it? Paperback.


A Modest Mennonite Home
by Steven K. Friesen

A Herr House Museum bestseller. Chapters include information on the roots of Anabaptism, the Herr family, their journey to the new world, the early Pennsylvania settlement, and a history of the house from its construction until it became a museum in the 1970s. Many photographs. Introduction by American painter Andrew Wyeth, whose mother was a distant relation to Christian Herr. (128 pages, paperbound)


Nations of the Eastern Great Lakes
by Bobbie Kalman and Rebecca Sjonger

This informative book describes the many Native nations that lived in the eastern Great Lakes region in the seventeenth century. Beautiful images depict the daily lives of these peoples, including housing, transportation, and methods of finding food.


Nations of the Northeast Coast
by Bobbie Kalman and Molly Aloian

Nations of the Northeast Coast describes the many Native nations that lived along the coast of northeastern North America during the seventeenth century. Beautiful paintings and detailed illustrations highlight the lives and traditions of the Abenaki and many other nations. Young readers will be fascinated to learn about the hunting and fishing practices, methods of transportation, and family lives of these Native peoples. Children will also learn about the different foods they gathered the homes in which the Native people lived where their villages were established the many changes and conflicts that took place when Natives came into contact with Europeans.


Native North American Foods & Recipes
by Bobbie Kalman and Kathryn Smithyman

Readers will be fascinated by the wide variety of foods that early Native peoples hunted, gathered and grew. They will also be amazed to learn that many of the foods they now eat were introduced by Native North Americans. This interesting book also includes Native cooking styles and several recipes inspired by the many Native nations throughout North America. Kids will find the recipes easy to follow and will love tasting Native foods and flavors!


Night Preacher
by Louise A. Vernon
illustrated by Allan Eitzen

Menno Simons was first a Catholic priest. As he read and studied the Bible, Menno began to understand the Christian life in a different way. Eventually he became an Anabaptist preacher. Soon, Menno Simons became the leader of the Anabaptists, now known as Mennonites. 138 pages.


The Path to America: from Switzerland to Lancaster County
by Myrna Grove
Illustrated by Peg Knueve

Dedicated to the faithfulness and fortitude of the first Mennonite settlers who forged a new life in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the early 1700s. This book celebrates the 300th anniversary (1710-2010) of their arrival in America. Paperback.


Pequea Settlement 1710: Self-Guided Tour
Initial Sites of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Concept and text by Samuel E. Wenger. Collaboration by Mary Lou Weaver Houser, R. Martin Keen and Joanne Hess


The Secret Church
by Louise A. Vernon
illustrated by Allen Eitzen

The Anabaptists are a small group of Christians who believe that everyone is a priest and should be able to study the Bible. They refuse to baptize their babies, and instead baptize adults on a confession of faith in Christ. Because of these heretical acts they are persecuted and sometimes put in prison. Join Richard as he helps his family, runs from guards, meets the legendary Menno Simons, and decides for himself whether he too wants to join the secret church.


Susanna's Surprise: A Day at the Hans Herr House
by Lynette Leaman Brenneman

Full color photos and text give a child's-eye view of what life may have been like in the Herr household in 18th-century Pennsylvania. Paperback.


Trailblazing in Penn's Woods
by Carrie Bender

Dannie and Susie Petersheim delve into a box of books given to them by a neighbor and learn about Dorothea Marguerite who travels to America with her mother. Sadly, her mother dies at sea and Dorothea finds herself alone in a strange new land. Kind friends, Christian and Anna Herr give her a home in Grasdaudy Hans Herr's house near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, before she travels westward with her uncle through the thickets of Penn's Woods. Book four in the Willowcreek Series.


Voyage of No Return
by Norma Plank

As a farewell gesture to good friends, Johan and Margaret Blankenburg (Plank) travel with Karl and Susie to the Rotterdam Port. Here Karl and Susie plan to sail for the land of freedom—America. Charming Captain Boswell convinces Johan and Margaret to spend their last night with Karl and Susie aboard the Minerva. Johan and Margaret awaken the next morning to discover something is wrong. Dreadfully wrong.


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